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Cooling System Troubleshooting

Have some fun, test your troubleshooting skills on cooling systems.

Created Date 09.21.09
Last Updated 01.15.15
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Topics of this game:
  • This system depends on the earth's temperature.
  • Air-cooled systems control the discharge pressure by regulating:
  • _____________ commercial cooling systems remove humidity directly from the air by absorption.
  • The typical air conditioning system is a/an _____________.
  • A/an ______________ commercial system does not use a compressor.
  • The ______ system uses a variable volume box to regulate CFM to different zones.
  • Heat pumps have ____ metering device(s).
  • This system uses cold water pumped through special panels or grids of tubing.
  • Who coined the term “Air Conditioning?”
  • One ton of air conditioning usually requires between ___ CFM and ___ CFM.
  • Generally, air conditioners reach their peak efficiency after about ________ minutes of constant running.
  • Air conditioners are often rated in tons, which is:
  • Air-cooled systems control the discharge pressure by:
  • The most common problem(s) associated with air conditioners is/are:
  • In order for air conditioners to dehumidify or dry the air, they have to cycle long enough for _________________.
  • These systems represent about 90% of the commercial cooling industry.
  • What is the accepted method of calculating heating and cooling commercial loads?
  • The _______________ is a self-contained system that allows the compressor and both coils to be located outside the home.
  • ASHRAE says that most people want to be within a __________ when experiencing cooling.
  • The basis for all correct duct design is a ______________, for either residential or commercial applications.
  • Portable voltmeters are usually equipped to measure current and resistance in the form of a/an:
  • If you have no resistance in a circuit, the ohmmeter will read ____.
  • The most common method of system refrigerant removal is:
  • Refrigerants can decompose into ____________________ if exposed to flame.
  • There must be no power in a circuit when it is being tested with this device.
  • Electro-motive force (EMF) is the force that pushes a _________through a circuit.
  • Never use a _______________ for measuring a vacuum.
  • With this method, you will be using the compressor in the unit to move the refrigerant out of a system.
  • When recovering refrigerant, always use a _____to prevent overfilling the recovery tank.
  • An accurate vacuum gauge must be used to measure 500 micron deep vacuum levels for _______ systems.
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