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String Line Basics

watch the video and slay squids by answering the questions.

Created Date 04.22.20
Last Updated 04.22.20
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Topics of this game:
  • when using a new string its best to start out your string by using which knot
  • if the string you are using is not slick, what knot is best to start your line?
  • what does rendering down a knot mean?
  • what does bitter end mean?
  • What is the best way to undo a larks head knot?
  • a Larks head is also known as what?
  • A larks head on a steak needs to be tied so the bite on the line pulls what direction?
  • what is another name for the fiddle string knot
  • when using a fiddle string knot, how many loops is it suggested that you make?
  • a quick way to tie a string to a steak or other material which uses friction and pressure to keep the string tied is called what?
  • When tying two pieces of string together, a good knot to use is which knot?
  • a good way to wind up your string is using what method?