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Film/TV Descriptions

Learn the definitions of film terminology

Created Date 12.07.21
Last Updated 12.07.21
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Topics of this game:
  • This person is responsible for setting up and organizing the production and writer offices; acts as liaison between the production office and the set.
  • A writer who is given an outline of an episode and is required to turn that into a script.
  • A writing executive producer who is in charge of the creative direction of a show.
  • Person who selects and assembles the footage to create a story progression in accordance with the director's vision. They work closely with the director in viewing dailies to determine what takes are best used to tell the story.
  • Person responsible for researching and designing the costumes and accompanying accessories for the actors & actresses.
  • This person is responsible for managing the crew that builds the sets. They also budget the build and monitor all set costs.
  • Maintains an accurate shooting script and recording in detail, all information related to each take.
  • The people responsible for helping creative talent obtain employment.
  • They are also very instrumental in hiring and managing all below-the-line crew members. It is their responsibility for keeping the show on budget.
  • Who makes the music score for the production in order to heighten and intensify the emotional tone of the tv show?
  • This individual sees to it that the cast and crew is in the right place at the right time, maintains the schedule for each shooting day, and selects positions and directs movement of the extras.
  • This person is hired by a studio to help manage every aspect of a television show.
  • They deal with scheduling the production, hiring crew and ordering all equipment for the show.
  • Person who finds, auditions, and negotiates for the services of actors.
  • Person responsible for preparing the prop breakdown and budget for selecting, positioning, and maintaining all props.
  • It has a hydraulic arm that lowers and raises, and it has wheels.
  • Individual responsible to the DP for all lighting setups and procedures on a production.
  • They are responsible for all aspects of post production, including picture editing, music scoring, title session, final color correction, all audio editing, and final audio mixing.
  • His individual assists the producer in hiring the crew and makes all the first contacts for dates, locations, and fees.
  • Head of the production unit and is responsible for directing the actors and for translating the teleplay into cinematic images.
  • This person works with the studio and the executive producers to create a "look" for a show.
  • Individual in charge with the application of makeup on the actors, actresses, and extras.
  • Individual works closely with producers and director to determine how they see the show.
  • Operates anything that comes within the domain of photography.
  • Responsible for maintaining order and discipline on the set, keeping production moving to meet scheduling goals
  • If required, cuts, colors, and washes the hair and wigs of all actors and actresses.
  • This individual decorates with furniture, drapes, textures, etc. The set decorator also supervises the set dressing crew.
  • This position is responsible for assisting the producers and the production staff with all aspects of production.
  • Their main job is to manage the extras and to establish with the director the movement and action of the extras.
  • Individual responsible for keeping track of all financial costs and transactions incurred in the making of a television show.
  • Responsible for the execution of detailed drawings of the sets and construction elements within the set to be built.
  • Takes care of the equipment, brings on extra manpower, orders, supplies, etc.
  • Person who handles all of the details in the editing room so the editor is free to make creative decisions.
  • Responsible to the DP and gaffer for providing and placing all diffusion, for facilitating or actuating camera movement, and for moving, erecting, and striking scaffolding.
  • Works closely with the Director in translating the screenplay into moving images.
  • Publicizing the television show in the various media - print, radio, television, etc.
  • The person responsible to the sound mixer for operating and maintaining the microphone.
  • Responsible to the director for recording and production sound.
  • Individual who is responsible to the costume designer for the selection, acquisition, rental, and care of all wardrobe items.