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Use Your Words- Superheroes

Are you ready to solve a mission and fight alongside powerful superheroes?

Created Date 12.10.21
Last Updated 12.10.21
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Topics of this game:
  • These six infinity _______ will determine the fate of the universe.
  • There's a huge wall in the way! We should ask _____ for help.
  • We need to go back in time. Call Doctor _____.
  • We could really use _____'s hammer right now.
  • We need to protect the kid. _____ America use your shield!
  • The fight is more than just Earth. Where are the ______ of the Galaxy when you need them?
  • "I love you 3000" - ____ Man
  • _____ is the ultimate villain.
  • We need more power! Let's contact Captain ______.
  • I said this situation is bigger than us! The galaxy is in trouble. Where is ____-Lord