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1st Set of Four Modes on a Camera

Answer these questions on the first sent of modes on a camera.

Created Date 03.27.22
Last Updated 03.28.22
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Topics of this game:
  • This mode will sometimes let you override flash.
  • This mode lets you move your closer into your subject to take a close up picture.
  • This mode works best when you’re photographing a single subject.
  • This mode will give you nice results in many shooting conditions.
  • When you use this mode, you’ll notice that focusing is more difficult as at short distances the depth of field is very narrow.
  • When you switch to this mode, your camera will automatically select a large aperture (small number) which helps to keep your background out of focus.
  • This mode is almost the exact opposite of portrait mode in that it sets the camera up with a small aperture (large number) to make sure as much of the scene you’re photographing will be in focus as possible.
  • This mode is ideal for capturing shots of wide scenes, particularly those with points of interest at different distances from the camera.
  • This mode tells your camera to use it’s best judgement to select shutter speed, aperture, ISO, white balance, focus and flash to take the best shot that it can.
  • In this mode, a tripod is invaluable as the depth of field is so small that even moving towards or away from your subject slightly can make your subject out of focus.