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Zionist Baseball Game

Baseball review of Zionism

Created Date 12.10.18
Last Updated 12.11.18
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Topics of this game:
  • What event greatly influenced Jabotinsky in his support of zionism?
  • Who was the founder of the Revisionist Zionist movement?
  • What youth movement did Jabotinsky create to teach his nationalistic beliefs?
  • Who was the founder of the Jewish Legion in WWI?
  • Jabotinsky died of a ______ and asked to be buried on ________ .
  • What zionist stream believed in a strong sense of nationalism?
  • Revisionist zionism believed in having a strong what?
  • What paramilitary organization was founded on Revisionist Zionist beliefs?
  • Revisionist zionism wanted a_________
  • What are the Borders of Israel that Jabotinsky wanted?
  • According to his philosophy, man's separation from God is consequence of human forgetfulness of a higher existence and that repentance through Torah can restore man's unity with the divine.
  • This zionist was a member of the Hasidic Movement
  • Religious Zionism incorporates these into the state of Israel
  • Religious Zionism was the predecessor to this modern day Israeli political party
  • Rav. Kook established a Yeshiva in this seaport city
  • Which Country was Achad Ha'am born?
  • What was the main goal of the Cultural Zionism?
  • What stream of Zionism did Cultural ZIonism disagree with?
  • Which organization did Achad Ha'am think Hebrew was so important?
  • When and where did the Cultural Zionism climax?