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Print Technology Education

Various terms and process in Printing Technology.

Created Date 05.08.20
Last Updated 05.08.20
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Topics of this game:
  • Number of minutes our emulsion is exposed for
  • Clear adhesive film used to increase longevity of print
  • Name of dryer used to cure inbetween colors in multi-color screen printing
  • Condition Term used set pressure of knife on plotter based on media type
  • Term used to describe the process of removing ink/emulsion from screen mesh
  • Adhesive material added to multi-piece vinyl decals to assist in transfering onto desired surface
  • Fabric material used to test the quality of screen print
  • Term used to indicate double sided printing
  • Process of placing screen under light to burn image stencil
  • Activites performed to printed material after its been printed.