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Closing Transfers Grade 10 Accounting

A Game reinforcing the concepts of closing transfers in a Sole Trader

Created Date 09.06.16
Last Updated 09.06.16
Viewed 154 Times
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Topics of this game:
  • Which accounts are closed off to your trading account?
  • Where do we close off Fee Income to?
  • Drawings are closed off to which account?
  • Debtors Allowances are closed off to which account?
  • The balancing figure for the Trading Account is....
  • Profit and Loss Account is closed off to....
  • Most Closing transfers are used in order to close off which section of your accounts?
  • Which journal is used to record closing transfers?
  • The journal to close off Debtors Allowances is...
  • The journal used to close off Sales is ...
  • The journal used to close off the Trading Account is...
  • The journal used to close off an expense account is...
  • Are closing transfers done before or after adjustments?
  • Which shows the Gross Profit of the business?
  • The Trial Balance we use to closing transfers is called..