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Crystal Reports 2016 - Week 2 Study Guide

This game covers concepts in Chapters 5-6 from the Learning Crystal Reports 2016 Made Easy textbook.

Created Date 06.19.17
Last Updated 06.19.17
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Topics of this game:
  • TRUE or FALSE. Format editor can be open after selecting at list one object in the report.
  • What is the way to open FORMAT EDITOR windows?
  • TRUE or FALSE. CAN GROW allows the field to expand vertically to accommodate more data.
  • Select the way(s) in which you can add fields to a report.
  • TRUE or FALSE. You cannot add or delete a database or table during the report design process.
  • TRUE or FALSE. The Primary Key columns, used to link tables to one another, are also referred to as ID fields
  • If the SNAP TO GRID is enabled, the arrow key will move the selected object ___ grid dot(s), each time an arrow key is pressed.
  • Of the four JOIN types, which JOIN type selects records that have matching records in both tables.
  • Where can you complete turning guidelines?
  • A table can have the same name twice, choose the correct naming convention for ‘EMPLOYEE’:
  • Which of the data source options is the most used?
  • TRUE or FALSE. Stored procedures contain data
  • TRUE or FALSE. When you format a Boolean field, it changes the data in the table.
  • What is The Format Painter use for?
  • TRUE or FALSE. Tables can be linked because there is a relationship between them, thus the term ""Relational Database".
  • TRUE or FALSE. Not Enforce means that the link will be included in the SQL statement.
  • How can you select multiple fields and objects at once?
  • In the Format Editor, hyperlinks can be set on which data types?
  • To select multiple fields and objects, you can do all but one of the following:
  • TRUE or FALSE. One of the most common used database relationships is the many-to-many relationship.
  • TRUE or FALSE. Text objects can have data fields embedded in them.
  • TRUE or FALSE. 1.A Recursive Join is also known as a Parent/Child relationship.
  • TRUE or FALSE. Using the keyboard to move or resize an object is known as ‘nudging’ an object.
  • TRUE or FALSE. It is considered good table design to have the same information stored in more than one table.
  • TRUE or FALSE. There is not reason to turn off Smart Linking.
  • Which of the four join types will select all records from both tables, whether or not they have matching records?
  • Which of the following is not true about Recursive Joins?
  • Which of the following is not a form of moving objects?