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Crystal Reports 2016 - Week 3 Study Guide

This game covers concepts in Chapters 7-8 from the Learning SAP Crystal Reports 2016 Made Easy textbook.

Created Date 06.19.17
Last Updated 06.19.17
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Topics of this game:
  • TRUE or FALSE. More than one question can be asked in the same query.
  • Which way(s) can you select specific records to include on a report instead of the entire table?
  • TRUE or FALSE. By default, group name fields are added to the Group Header section of the report.
  • Which of the following is NOT one of the options available under the OTHERS tab for the INSERT GROUP command?
  • TRUE or FALSE. The Sample Standard Deviation calculates the square root of the standard deviation of the sample.
  • The "Is Greater Than or Equal To" operator can be used to find all orders placed on or after a specified date.
  • TRUE or FALSE. The SELECT EXPERT is used to create criteria by record, group or saved data.
  • When does the data in a report need to be grouped?
  • TRUE or FALSE. The FIT SECTION option is used to remove blank space in a section of the report.
  • In the Select Expert, wildcards ? and * can be used with which operator?
  • CONVERT DATABASE NULL VALUES TO DEFAULT (Report Options) will convert null string values to _______ and numeric fields to zero.
  • Grand Total is also known as a _______________?
  • You can locate the (The Show Formula Button) in which dialog box?
  • TRUE or FALSE. When using the select expert to a set of criteria you must close it before you can add additional criteria.
  • T or F. The only way to open the Insert Group dialog box is to click on the Insert Group button on the Insert Tools Toolbar.
  • Data can be sorted by:
  • To obtain the most accurate information when entering Date and Time fields using "is between" you must:
  • TRUE or FALSE. On a local or desktop database Crystal Reports creates a WHERE CLAUSE before it sends the query to the server?
  • TRUE or FALSE. Each percent calculation requires its own percent summary calculation field.