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Crystal Reports 2016 - Week 4 Study Guide

This game covers concepts in Chapters 9-10 from the Learning Crystal Reports 2016 Made Easy textbook.

Created Date 06.19.17
Last Updated 06.19.17
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Topics of this game:
  • By default, the numeric fields that are selected on the Grouping screen are automatically added to the Summarized Fields list.
  • Which of the following are valid group ordering options that you can select from the Group Sorting screen?
  • TRUE/FALSE. Page N of M and Total Page Count Fields do not add to the processing time when a report is generated.
  • TRUE/FALSE. The Chart EXPERT can create a chart with fields that will not be printed on the report.
  • Which of the following are the options to export Header and Footer information in the Excel file?
  • TRUE/FALSE. You can set default report format options using File>Export>Report>Export Options.
  • Which of the following is NOT one of the available report EXPORT formats:
  • T or F. The Statistics Tab option is a modifiable indicator for the Revision Number and Total Editing Time of the report.
  • TRUE or FALSE. In the Template Screen, at least one template format must be selected in order to complete a report.
  • What are the three common report wizard screens?
  • What are the two ways that boxes can added to a report?
  • What format would you select if you want to export the report data to an ASCII fixed length format like text, without spaces be
  • TRUE or FALSE. If you select the ODBC export format, the destination option is not enable on the Export dialog box.
  • The Isolate Group Section option will export the Group Header and Footer sections of the report as separate records.
  • What is a drawback of using a Report Wizard?
  • The Report Explorer allows you to:
  • Which report wizard creates reports that only contain summary information?
  • What export format is best to use if you want to move the file to another location?
  • How do you add subsections to your report?
  • TRUE or FALSE. To export a file into .xlsx format it must be saved as an Excel (97-2003) file.
  • TRUE or FALSE. The group sorting screen does not have a group number limit.
  • TRUE or FALSE. The Standard Wizard creates reports that only contain summary information.
  • T or F. The Summaries screen on the Standard Report Creation Wizard box is only available if two fields are being grouped on.
  • Choose the correct date field option available in the Special Fields list in Field Explorer:
  • Which wizard is incorrectly matched to its type of report?
  • Which format should you run if you want to open the report in a word processor other than word and keep graphics?
  • Which of the following is NOT a type of report that the Wizard creates?
  • Which of the following is NOT something that is associated with the ODBC Export Format option?