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Crystal Reports 2016 - Week 5 Study Guide

This game covers concepts in Chapters 11-12 from the Learning Crystal Reports 2016 Made Easy textbook.

Created Date 06.19.17
Last Updated 06.19.17
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Topics of this game:
  • Formulas allow you to:
  • TRUE or FALSE. The naming conventions for formulas is pre-established.
  • Conditional formatting starts off as absolute formatting, then sets up criteria to determine when formatting should be applied.
  • Which of the following is not one of the shortcut keys available in the Formula Editor Shortcut Keys:
  • TRUE or FALSE. In order to create odd and even page headers, two separate page headers must be used.
  • TRUE or FALSE. The Picture Function is only used to add or modify an image file.
  • TRUE or FALSE. Conditional formatting that is created by the Highlighting Expert cannot be modified in the Format Editor.
  • Formula Field In Report can:
  • TRUE or FALSE. Formulas created by the Highlight Expert do not override formulas in the Formula Editor.
  • The Truncate (X) function will?
  • To suppress a field, you need to?
  • + or & also known as Concatenation Operators are used for?
  • TRUE or FALSE. The subscript operator is used to extract specific characters in a field based on their position in the field.
  • TRUE or FALSE. For If Then Else statements, you can also use Select Case statements to create conditional formatting.