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Crystal Reports Jeopardy

A "questionable" way to study for your Crystal Reports final.

Created Date 06.21.17
Last Updated 06.23.17
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Topics of this game:
  • This is the default report file extension.
  • These fields are used to set a logical value of true/false, yes/no, or 1/0.
  • This Data Type is a "free form text field."
  • The Repository explorer is used to share and save these objects.
  • This JOIN type selects records that have matching records in both tables.
  • This operator can be used to find all orders placed on or after a specific date.
  • This "expert" is used to create criteria by record, group, or saved data.
  • Selecting the option CONVERT DATABASE NULL VALUES TO DEFAULT will convert null string values to _____ and null numeric fields to zero.
  • These are the three common report wizard screens.
  • This is a drawback of using a Report Wizard.
  • This export format is best to use if you want to move the file to another location.
  • This is the correct date field option available in the Special Fields list in Field Explorer.
  • This is the format used if you want to export the report data to an ASCII fixed length format like text, without spaces between columns.
  • These Concatenation Operators + or & are used for this.
  • This warning is true regarding the creation of conditional formatting.
  • This graphical format can show trends over time, relationships or how one st compares to another set of data.
  • The process used to suppress a field.
  • The Truncate(X) function does this.
  • This chart layout option is used to create charts based on data that will not print on the report.
  • This code applied to the background color of the details section will do this.