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Money, Financial Institutions, & Federal Reserve

study guide game to chapter 20. intro to business

Created Date 06.27.18
Last Updated 06.28.18
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Topics of this game:
  • Anything people generally accept as payment for goods and services?
  • The amount of goods and services you can buy with a dollar increases.
  • The direct trading of goods or services for other goods or services.
  • The Federal Reserve is a quasi-governmental agency not under the direct control of what?
  • A cash shortage problem in 1907 led to the creation of what?
  • The technical name for a checking account
  • A commercial bank has two types of customers
  • Often known as thrift institutions because their original purpose was to promote customer thrift and home ownership
  • A savings account that earns interest
  • Nonprofit, member-owned financial cooperatives that offer the full variety of banking services to their members.
  • Financial institutions that accept no deposits, but offer many services
  • how many households suffered through housing foreclosures since 2007?
  • As nonprofits, credit unions enjoy an exemption from
  • what caused the blame to only one agency is not possible, but it had to be fixed?
  • An independent agency of the U.S. government that insures bank deposits up to $250,000.
  • The Savings Association?
  • Provides up to $250,000 coverage per individual depositor per institution.
  • Messages about a transaction are sent from one computer to another so funds can be transferred quickly and more economically.
  • A promise by the bank to pay the seller a given amount if certain conditions are met.
  • Banker’s Acceptance A promise the bank will pay ____ ________amount at a __________ ____
  • About 188 countries are a part of the
  • Lends most of its money to less-developed nations to improve their productivity and help raise standards of living and quality of life.
  • A combination of a credit card, debit card, phone card, driver’s license, and more.
  • Commercial finance companies, Corporate financial services, Life insurance companies,& Brokerage firms are apart of non-banks whats missing?
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