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Business Basics 2

Business terms

Created Date 08.01.18
Last Updated 08.01.18
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Topics of this game:
  • Illegal company makes other people to sign up.
  • Pyramid scheme, Ponzi scheme, etc.
  • Same as scam.
  • Hiring employees
  • Deal with people and they like you.
  • Money, land, buildings, people
  • Deal with money
  • Give a price to a product.
  • Move an employee down in the organization .
  • The same as well rounded
  • Move somebody up in the organization.
  • Tell the new employee how to do his job
  • Take money from some people and give it to another.
  • Make workers to do their job fast and well.
  • A lot of people like you
  • Punish employees.
  • All about money
  • Making employees stop fighting.
  • Debt
  • You can make many jobs
  • Decides what’s good and what’s bad