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Local Opportunities and Resources

Terminology review: local opportunities for employers, employees, non-profits and residents

Created Date 11.21.18
Last Updated 11.21.18
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Topics of this game:
  • What is an association of business people that promote the commercial interests of a community?
  • SCORE stands for
  • What is the government agency dedicated to helping small businesses and entrepreneurs succeed.
  • What do state websites provide? Select best answer
  • What do service club members do?
  • What was established in 1912 as a nonprofit organization to provide services to both businesses and customers.
  • What is a geographic area in which businesses receive favorable tax credits , financing, and other incentives called?
  • Example of an enterprise zone
  • Entrepreneurs, business owners, and government officials are all apart of .......
  • Kiwanis, Lions, and Rotary are all examples of......
  • Choose one reason small businesses are important to a local economy.
  • Rules of behavior based on ideas about what is right and wrong is called?
  • What is an amount of money given to someone in return for providing help in a business deal called?
  • What is called when you use someones words without giving them credit?
  • What is a mass email sent to individuals who did not give a company permission to email them.
  • What is the actions of a business to further social good called?
  • What is a copyrighted software that is available free of charge on a trial basis.
  • What is a software available at no cost and can be used at any time
  • Giving money to charity and volunteering is an example of ?
  • What states that the employee will not share any company information with outsiders.
  • What provides general principles or values, often social or moral, that guide the organization
  • What lists the acceptable behavior for specific business situations.
  • Behaving with sensitivity to social, economic, and environmental issues.
  • The actions of a business to further social good.
  • When employees use private company information to purchase company stock or other securities for personal gain.
  • (Trade secrets) Information a company wants to keep secret.
  • This exists when an employee has competing interests and loyalties.