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Request for Proposal (RFP)

You'll be introduced to project management requests for proposal.

Created Date 07.20.15
Last Updated 07.21.15
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Topics of this game:
  • Organizations may lack the expertise or capacity to plan and perform a project. Organizations that outsource an external resource, such as a contractor, will likely use a(n) ________ to help them decide which contractor to use.
  • The purpose of preparing a request for proposal is to state, in detail, what is required from the ___________ point of view.
  • A request for proposal allows contractors and project teams to understand what the customer expects.
  • A request for proposal allows the contractor to develop a proposal that meets the customer's requirements at a realistic price point.
  • A request for proposal should always be formally prepared.
  • A request for proposal must state the project's objective or purpose. This includes any rational or background information that may be helpful to contractors.
  • The part of a request for proposal that deals with the scope of the project and outlines the tasks and work elements a customer wants a contractor to perform, is known as a _________?
  • Which of these should state the required schedule for completion of the project along with key mile stones?