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Insurance Claims

How well do you know Claims?

Created Date 01.13.20
Last Updated 01.14.20
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Topics of this game:
  • what is found in box 4 of the UB04
  • Professional Claims form
  • a claim that denies with a code i**
  • used to view claims forms
  • Used to view EOP's
  • Facility Claims form
  • Sequestration
  • Write off or the amount the Provider "eats"
  • Payment Address
  • Provider/member unhappy with claim status
  • What's wrong with the member
  • what was done to the member
  • only found on the CMS1500
  • Only found on the UB04
  • A red and white Claim form
  • A black and white claims form
  • Can Delay claims processing for legibility
  • 2 digits used to further define CPT codes
  • Letter sent to provider explaining why claim was denied partially or in full
  • Letter sent to member when benefits are used on a claim
  • Approval for services by plan
  • Lab pre-auth number
  • 10 digit Provider ID number
  • Money withdrawn for Over payment
  • P.o Box 61010 Virginia Beach, Virginia 23466
  • Claims number that starts with "H"
  • The most Medicare will pay
  • Copay coinsurance Deductible
  • Claims denied for Delegated Risk
  • Claims with no payment by plan or member