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PM: Controlling Document Changes

You'll be introduced to best practices for controlling changes to a project document.

Created Date 10.21.15
Last Updated 10.21.15
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Topics of this game:
  • While many project documents are created through a project, only management needs to know how to control them.
  • Not every project revision is important enough to be documented. Minor ones should be left out so the original document doesn't become cluttered.
  • Changes to project documents can result from changes initiated by ___________.
  • Project changes impact the project's scope, cost, and schedule.
  • It's only important for the project manager to know which version of a document is the latest version.
  • Which of these is an effective change control process to include on each document page?
  • If John Smith makes changes, a notation in the lower corner of the document should read: 7/5/2016