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Outcomes and Competencies

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Test your familiarization associated with learning outcomes and competencies.

Created Date 07.03.17
Last Updated 07.10.17
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Topics of this game:
  • "A major skill or concept a student will learn and demonstrate in a course" best defines
  • Which item below is not part of a well-developed competency?
  • As a rule of thumb, how many competencies should a course have?
  • At what level of Bloom's Taxonomy are learners asked to plan and form new structures, theorize, design, and test concepts?
  • Determine the Bloom's level for the following competency: Determine appropriate building sites for different types of structures.
  • Determine the level of Bloom's Taxonomy for the following competency: Examine the relationship between the circulatory system and other body systems.
  • Select the best response for this statement as a competency: "Understand the concept of thermodynamics."
  • Select the best response for this statement as a competency: "List the steps to operate a drill press."
  • Select the best response for the following statement as a competency: "Develop a marketing plan."
  • What is the purpose of Technical Skills Attainment (TSA)?
  • An Outcome Matrix shows the relationship between
  • General education instructors are responsilbe for teaching and assessing core abilities/collegewide outcomes/employability essentials