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Learning Plans

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Play the game to see what you know about the theory and components of learning plans.

Created Date 07.03.17
Last Updated 07.10.17
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Topics of this game:
  • Tasks that learners engage in to master specific learning objectives are called:
  • Which of the following is NOT a principle of Universal Design?
  • What stage of the learning cycle is used to determine prior knowledge and create interest in the topic?
  • What part of the learning cycle provides information needed to gain new knowledge and skills?
  • What part of the learning cycle provides learners with the opportunity to work with new learning with feedback to improve?
  • What stage of the learning cycle has learners use learned information/skills to demonstrate mastery?
  • Implementing Universal Design means that anyone should be able to participate in any learning experience
  • Howard Gardner, the creator of Multiple Intelligences (MI), believes schools should implement MI to
  • Purposefully incorporating learning resources inclusive of diverse cultures, religions, abilities, and lifestyles is important.
  • Questioning, pair/share, writing, role playing, and discussion are examples of active learning strategies.