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Accessibility Terminology Crossword

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Review the glossary to complete this puzzle with the correct answers.

Created Date 10.02.18
Last Updated 10.03.18
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Topics of this game:
  • A defining characteristic of an environment, product, service, or tool's usability by people of all abilities.
  • The degree to which a product or service can be used with effectiveness, efficiency, or satisfaction.
  • An abnormality or loss of function caused by congenital condition, disease process, or injury.
  • The degree to which a reader can perceive and understand information presented through text.
  • The degree to which a reader can perceive and distinguish text characters.
  • A consequence of an impairment that prevents one from performing or participating in an an activity.
  • When an impairment limits an individual's performance of an activity, creating a personal disadvantage.
  • A student with a __ disability may experience difficulty attending to stimuli or processing information
  • A student with a _____disability may experience difficulty performing tasks requiring motor skills or agility.
  • A student with a ______disability may experience difficulty perceiving text, images, or sounds.
  • A modification to a learning environment, product, or activity to create equal opportunities to participate.
  • Equipment or software that increases, maintains, or improves the functional capabilities of a disabled person.
  • A system for evaluating course design, consisting of a set of eight general standards.
  • A framework for designing a flexible learning environment optimized to meet the needs of a diverse students.
  • A law that ensures that people with disabilities have equal opportunity to participate in education.
  • A law that requires instructional websites and media to be accessible by people with disabilities.
  • A general standard from the Quality Matters rubric that describes characteristics of accessible course content
  • Multiple Means of __ suggests that instructors provide a variety of options to motivate learning.
  • Multiple Means of __ suggests that instructors provide options to support perception and comprehension.
  • Multiple Means of __ suggests that instructors differentiate the ways how students express what they know.
  • The UDL guideline that suggests offering alternatives for visual and auditory information.
  • The UDL guideline that suggests promoting understanding across languages and illustrating through multimedia.
  • The UDL guideline that suggests varying methods for response and access to assistive technology.
  • The UDL guideline for __ and Communication suggests using multiple tools for communication and composition.