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Hair Design 2 : Design Principals

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Design principle review

Created Date 12.18.18
Last Updated 12.18.18
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Topics of this game:
  • A small wig used to cover smaller sections of the head is a
  • you notice signs of breakage in your Guest’s hair. What type of solution could your offer to repair the hair back to a healthier state?
  • A visual comparison of weight used to offset or equalize proportion is
  • your client flat irons at home everyday now her hair appears dull and lifeless. You recommend that she use what type of product to safeguard the hair?
  • When airforming with a round brush, use _____________ to dry the hair and ____________ to maintain the firmness of the curl.
  • What factor determines the size of the tool required to achieve the final results?
  • Janelle has naturally tightly coiled hair that is prone to frizzing and tangling. She would like to wear her hair natural, but she requires some control. What design technique can you do to assist in defining the curl pattern?
  • Hair additions are attached to:
  • Hair additions can give the appearance of:
  • A hair straightening technique using a thermal pressing comb that removes 60-75% of curl:
  • A repeated pattern in a design:
  • Hair additions can be:
  • A wig is designed to: