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Common Core Math Vocabulary

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Are you as smart as a fourth grader? Test your basic Common Core Math vocabulary and find out!

Created Date 01.26.15
Last Updated 01.26.15
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Topics of this game:
  • A whole number greater than 1, that can be divided by more than 2 factors?
  • It's a number sentence with an equal sign
  • A part of a number sentence that has numbers and operations but no = sign
  • Two numbers that, when multiplied, equal a certain number
  • A number that has exactly 2 factors, 1 and itself
  • A figure formed by two lines or rays that share the same endpoint
  • An angle that measures greater than 0 degrees, but less than 90 degrees
  • A triangle with one right angle
  • A line with one endpoint that goes on forever in one direction
  • An exact location
  • A common multiple of two or more denominators
  • A number with numbers to the right of a decimal point
  • the number below the bar in a fraction
  • Two or more fractions that represent the SAME amount
  • An answer that is close to the exact answer
  • The measurement of distance between two endpoints
  • The amount of matter in an object
  • The distance around a shape
  • Using standard measurement, 12 inches is equal to
  • The measurement of distance side to side