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Child Care Rights & Responsibilities caring for children with disabilities

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You'll be introduced to the ADA and IDEA standards for caring for children with disabilities.

Created Date 02.06.15
Last Updated 02.07.15
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Topics of this game:
  • What does the acronym ADA stand for?
  • Name one major affected life activity for a person to have rights under the ADA law.
  • According to the ADA legislation, which statement is true?
  • In what year was the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act passed?
  • How old are people who are eligible for services under the IDEA?
  • A family participates in the development of an IFSP service plan for their child with a diagnosed disability. What is the correct age range for a child with an IFSP?
  • Children with disabilities at age 3 receive an IEP. What is an IEP?
  • Child Care providers can participate on the multidisciplinary team that plans a child’s:
  • A child care center is considered to be a public accommodation under the ADA and must not exclude a parent or child solely on the basis of a disability. Which type of center is the exception to this law?
  • A child care provider who is uncertain about how to care for a child with special needs may seek training from which source?
  • Which statement is not a benefit for inclusion?
  • What types of reasonable accommodations does the ADA require a child care program to make?
  • A child care center must make reasonable accommodations for a child with a disability _____________.
  • How is it decided if a child with a disability belongs in a certain child care program?
  • In general, the decision to place children with disabilities in a child care classroom is determined by:
  • When I have a child with a disability in my 4 year old classroom I can:
  • A center must agree to change their policy for children with disabilities for all of these statements except: