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Relaxer/ Curl Reformation

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relaxer/curl reformation

Created Date 02.25.20
Last Updated 02.25.20
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Topics of this game:
  • technique used to loosen or relax tightly curled hair patterns by approximately 50% of their natural shape
  • the relaxer is applied to the new growth only to match the previously relaxed hair
  • the temporary method of hair relaxing was invented by in the early 1900's
  • the ability to loosen or reduce. the hair existing texture such as straightening curly or tightly curled hair
  • type of relaxer that requires the use of a base cream on the scalp to prevent irritation
  • the type of relaxer service that is performed only in selected areas of the head (nape, sides, or perimeter)
  • percentage of the natural texture be removed when relaxing the hair
  • known as sodium hydroxide relaxers
  • ammonium thioglycolate relaxer strength used on healthy, color-treated, fine. textured or porous hair
  • pH of ammonium thioglycolate
  • the porosity of the hair affected when working with a chemical relaxer affects the
  • percentage of curl pattern to be removed to achieve a S-curl pattern
  • texture pattern associated with an elliptical follicle
  • replaces the natural oils that are removed during the chemical relaxing process
  • advise a client not to shampoo their hair for within how many hours prior to a sodium hydroxide relaxer
  • procedure done prior to a relaxer service to check for any cuts, bruises sores and abrasions
  • performed prior to a virgin ammonium thioglycolate relaxer
  • extreme breakage shortly after a relaxer service may be caused by
  • product used to provide moisture and help retain shape of a new curl configuration
  • the product used to reduce the curl pattern
  • the number of processes involved when performing a curl reformation
  • the main ingredient found in rearranges
  • applied to the client's hair during curl reformation to ensure thorough saturation of the perm
  • the size parting used during a curl reformation
  • used on tightly curled, coarse-textuered hair