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Marketing concepts

Created Date 04.07.20
Last Updated 04.08.20
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Topics of this game:
  • Aggregate demand of the potential buyers for the product
  • Covers wider area like district, state or inter-state
  • The market where delivery or handling over of the good is made immediately after sales is called spot market.
  • where buyers are in commanding position,
  • If there is full control of producer over market
  • deal in favour of material, produce, manufactured goods
  • is one which is characterized by considerable number of buyers and sellers, prevalence of single lowest price
  • starts before the production of the goods and continues even after the selling of the products
  • they are the state of being deprived of something.
  • Wants backed by willingness and purchasing power
  • They are shaped by culture and individual personality
  • They are products and services designed to deliver value to customers
  • It includes services which are intangible along with tangible goods.
  • the match between customer expectations of the product and the product's actual performance
  • marketing functions like sales and advertising require people with certain personality traits to be able to do
  • process that fixes the price of commodities through demand and supply forces.
  • It is a post-purchase phenomenon
  • which reflects the state of difference between customer benefits and customer costs
  • It extends into relationship marketing
  • Wood to furniture
  • It means benefit derived from the product to satisfy the human needs
  • Technique to find out likes and dislikes
  • means to bring change in the existing product by improving its features, functions, benefits, convenience, etc
  • It means to select promising product, conduct its promotion on commercial lines and decide to supply the same
  • a person or organization that buys goods or services from a store or business