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Checking Accounts

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Apply your skills of Checking Accounts to build a band of creatures!

Created Date 10.17.20
Last Updated 10.18.20
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Topics of this game:
  • What could happen if you took a post-dated check?
  • What could happen if you signed the back of a check before you got to the bank and lost the check?
  • Your ___________ number is printed on the bottom of a check.
  • What could happen if you don't balance your checkbook regularly?
  • You're writing a check out to Bill Waterson for repairs. What do you write on the "Pay to the order of" line?
  • To "overdraft" your account means that you...
  • When you sign the back of a check, this mean you are ______________ the check.
  • Just your signature in the endorsement area of a check is called a ____________ endorsement.
  • When you wish to place cash or checks into a bank account, a __________ is needed.
  • Bank service charges are a cost of doing business. How would one register this expense onto the books?
  • Ted Smith writes you a check for services rendered totaling $125. The bank refused payment. What do we do?
  • Let's say you owe $50 to Sam Smith and it just so happens you have a check made out to you for $50. Can you sign it over to him?
  • You have employees deposit checks for your business and are fearful someone might try to sign them over to themselves. What can you do to stop this?
  • Forging a check means someone else signs your name to falsely claim ownership of a check. How is this prevented today?
  • In order to balance your bank account, this needs to be checked on a regular basis (at least monthly)