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Debits, Credits, Normal Balance

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This game will test your knowledge of debits, credits, and normal balance in Accounting

Created Date 11.06.20
Last Updated 11.09.20
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Topics of this game:
  • Paul Blart invested $400 into his mall cop business. How does this affect his capital account?
  • Paul Blart buys security uniforms on account from Uniform Junction. How does this affect Accounts Payable?
  • Paul Blart has a side hustle doing security for weddings. Jim & Julie hire him and pay later. Accounts Receivable...
  • Paul Blart needs insurance and buys 1 year up front. Prepaid Insurance...
  • On T accounts, ______ means left and _________ means right.
  • The Cash account increases with a ________ and Accounts Payable increases with a _________.
  • We pay for expenses, this _________ Owner's Equity.
  • Withdrawals make owner's equity _________
  • Investments into the business make owner's capital...
  • Any asset is increased on the __________ side and decreased on the _________ side
  • When we start a T account for cash,
  • When we record cash from sales...
  • accepting payment for a sale at a later date will make accounts receivable...