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Financial Literacy Crossword

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EverFi Vocabulary

Created Date 03.27.19
Last Updated 03.28.19
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Topics of this game:
  • A tax form filled out by an individual and filed with the IRS that determines the amount of income tax owed in
  • A tax form, similar to the 1040, filled out by an individual and filed with the IRS. The form is used to deter
  • A retirement account offered through an employer, where an employee can contribute money from his or her paych
  • A retirement account similar to a 401(k) plan, but offered by non-profit organizations, like universities or c
  • A savings plan offering tax benefits that can be used for any qualified educational expenses.
  • Property owned by an individual or organization that has some value. Can refer to physical items (like a house
  • A degree granted after two years of study, often by a community or junior college.
  • A payment type similar to a debit card that allows you to make electronic purchases but requires that you ente
  • An abbreviation that stands for Automatic Teller Machine. An ATM is a machine that allows you to make electron
  • Each bank account has a unique account number. The account number can be found at the bottom of a check the se
  • Another name for the interest rate charged on the balance of a credit card.
  • An appreciating asset is something you own that increases in value over time. If you buy an appreciating asset
  • A type of insurance that protects a policyholder in the case of a car accident. Most states require it by law.
  • A degree awarded by a college or university for completing undergraduate studies.
  • The total amount of money in a banking account at any given time.
  • A transfer of your existing credit card balance to another credit card. Balance transfers are typically used w
  • A bond is basically a loan, except that in this case, you're the lender. When you buy a bond, you loan an amou
  • A brokerage account is an account you open with a stockbroker in order to trade stock on a stock exchange. The
  • Capital gain is the amount of money you gain from an investment (hence the name). Basically, it describes how
  • The Capital Gains tax is a tax charged on the profits made on the sale of something that was purchased at a lo
  • A claim is the request you make to your insurance company for payment of the benefits allowed by your coverage
  • The number of compounding periods in one year. The greater the compounding frequency, the more often your inte
  • Credit bureaus, also called credit agencies or credit reporting agencies, are companies that collect credit in
  • Credit history is a record of a person's borrowing and repayment activity. Whenever you take out a loan or a l
  • The Fair Credit Reporting Act ensures that the information in your credit report is accurate, complete, and pr
  • Federal Student Loans are offered directly to students by the government. Federal law sets the maximum interes
  • An amount of money – usually saved over a long period of time – that is used to pay for something in the futur
  • A scam where someone tries to deceive you into providing personal information by impersonating someone, like a
  • Private Student Loans are financed by private companies rather than the government. Since interest rates and f
  • Rate of return (ROR) is the ratio of the money you gain on an investment in relation to the amount of money th