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A review of economics for the dynamics final

Created Date 05.07.19
Last Updated 05.08.19
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Topics of this game:
  • The health care cost containment has all of the goals EXCEPT
  • All are false about diagnostic related groups except
  • All of the following are healthcare plans EXCEPT
  • Direct payment is used during the following situations, EXCEPT
  • Which of the following is a system thats pays health care providers a fixed amount based on the diagnosis or specific procedure?
  • All of the following are government institutions EXCEPT
  • Which is not a service of a healthcare institution
  • Which statement about a health savings account is true?
  • A proprietary institution does not have to pay taxes
  • A premium is a weekly payment
  • Government plans include insurance for people in the military
  • Medicaid provides care for people at an older age
  • A gatekeeper does not provide care
  • TRICARE is a government plan for the military
  • Direct payment may be used when insurance does not cover costs
  • Most people receive healthcare through an employer
  • Flexible savings accounts have a high deductible
  • Voluntary institutions receive donations but still need to pay taxes