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TPT551 - Chapter 2: Economic Relations in Malaysia

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Overview of Economic and International Economic Relations in Malaysia

Created Date 11.06.19
Last Updated 11.06.19
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Topics of this game:
  • APEC was established in 1989 and now comprises of 21 countries. APEC stands for…….
  • Below are three main focus of APEC, except
  • Which of the following country is not member of APEC?
  • Below are list of organizations that Malaysia join except:
  • Malaysia is the…..largest economy of South East Asia.
  • Which of the following is the factor that slowing down Malaysia economy?
  • One of the raw materials that Malaysia's economy has successfully developed is:
  • Malaysia ranks amongst the world’s main producers of rubber, palm oil and ……..
  • What is the function of World Trade Organization (WTO)?
  • Malaysia is among the successful countries in the Asia in investment
  • To further enhance economic growth and to strengthen the Asia-Pacific community.
  • One of the purpose of the association is to promote Southeast Asian studies.
  • To promote sustainable growth and balanced development for a prosperous Indian Ocean Rim