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Help the Bee! Budgeting

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Spin and answer . Who answer the right question will win the game

Created Date 12.01.19
Last Updated 12.02.19
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Topics of this game:
  • "Asset that helps achieve a desired quality of life." This definition refer to
  • Shares, bonds, unit trust and MyEG shares in which group of Asset ?
  • Example of expenses
  • All the answer below is debt services charges EXCEPT
  • Ali intends to visit his auntie in Muar and estimate that he will spend RM100 refer to :
  • If total expenses is larger than total income it will contribute to
  • What is the component of Personal Balance Sheet ?
  • How to calculate take-home pay ?
  • What need to be consider in order to evaluate financial performance ?
  • Which of the following is lifestyle asset ?
  • Personal finance record keeping known as personal financial statement and cash budget
  • The investment asset are include preferred stock, PRS and Special Investment (LUTH)
  • The current ratio should be less than 1 in order to maintain liquidity
  • Level of Debt consist of Debt ratio and Debt services coverage Ratio
  • Net worth is the differences between asset and equity
  • Personal property Assets also known as Investment Asset
  • Expenses that one can control in the short run, for example home maintenance
  • Personal financial statement, must prepare balance sheet and statement of changes equity
  • Purchase price of Honda is under Lifestyle Asset
  • Zakat (obligatory alms-giving in Islam) is under expenses