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Accounting: Basic Accounting Principles

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review basic accounting principles in a candy crush style game.

Created Date 12.03.19
Last Updated 12.04.19
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Topics of this game:
  • How do managers use account information?
  • Accounting is the process of keeping track of a business'
  • How do business owners use account information?
  • Equity is:
  • That accounting equation is:
  • To help organize transactions, a business needs to set up a system of _________.
  • ______ increase the value of asset and expense accounts.
  • What information is NOT provided by the accounting process?
  • . Assets are:
  • _____ increase the value of liability, revenue and equity accounts
  • What type of organization is made up of many owners who don't run the business and are protected from the liability of the business operations.
  • Liabilities are:
  • How do stakeholders use account information?
  • What does accounting include?
  • ____________ are recorded on the left-hand column of an accounting journal.