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How much do you think you know?

This game will test what you think you have learned through your training, lets see what you have learned!

Created Date 04.13.21
Last Updated 04.14.21
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Topics of this game:
  • What chapter of the GI Bill is available to the dependents of disabled veterans?
  • You are alone in the Veterans Center and someone calls you asking where they can find the Enrollment Certification. Where do you guide them?
  • "Hi, I heard that I can get free Tuition for college because I am currently active duty! Do you know what program I am eligible for?"
  • A student comes into the center and does not know what benefit they are using. What should you ask for?
  • "My dad told me to come into the Veterans Center because I am listed as an out-of-state resident, do you know what form I need to fill out?"
  • A New Student comes into the VSC and asks you for a copy of their COE, what do you do?
  • A student calls into the center and tells you that they are considering attending next Fall. What information do you need?
  • What are JST's?
  • A student walks into the VSC to play pool, what do you do?