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Oregon Records Management Crossword

Oregon records management definitions

Created Date 01.29.20
Last Updated 01.30.20
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Topics of this game:
  • The process of eliminating or deleting data, documents and records so that the recorded information no longer exists.
  • The destruction log must go through what process
  • The point at which the retention period begins for a particular type of record
  • The length of time an office must keep particular records.
  • This causes records to become eligible for cutoff based on the occurrence of one or more events.
  • Records that are used, maintained and are actively referred to during everyday operations.
  • The designated public record, when multiple copies exist.
  • Records or information exempted from public disclosure by statute or rule.
  • The continued preservation of information forever (without any time limit).
  • Records which are essential to the continued functioning or reconstitution of an agency during and after an emergency
  • Person or person(s) responsible for managing records
  • Electronic database to store records
  • The timetable and description of a records series� lifecycle, including instructions for disposition.
  • A group of related records that are normally used and filed as a unit because they result from the same activity
  • The group, department or office in an organization responsible for maintaining the official records for the total records retention period.
  • Acronym for Oregon Administrative Rules; rules promulgated by state agencies in order to implement statutes.
  • A written motion adopted by a deliberative body.
  • A law prepared by a local governing body.
  • The statute that governs records retention schedules for Oregon
  • The rule that governs records retention schedules for Oregon