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Employability Baseball Game

Work readiness questions about applications ,etc.

Created Date 04.29.20
Last Updated 04.29.20
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Topics of this game:
  • An example of Self Advocacy is
  • Dependable Means
  • What does on time to an interview mean
  • A skill is?
  • Initiative is?
  • What is a situation that calls for using your active listening skills?
  • Which one is NOT part of active listening
  • Provides a way to build relationships, communicate career interests, and find job leads
  • An event in which employers, business leaders, and schools assemble together to give information to students or job seekers about jobs
  • Interests are things people
  • It is important to find a career that you are both interested in and good at doing.
  • The cooperative efforts by members of a group to achieve the same goal is called
  • The process of two or more people, who may disagree, working together to solve a problem is called
  • The form completed by people applying for a job is called the
  • A written summary of a person's work and school experiences to help employers hire the best person for a job.
  • A person applying for a job is called an
  • Which of these is not good to do in an interview?
  • How do make a positive impression during an interview?
  • What is not a good way to work with others?
  • What should you tell someone that you disagree with?
  • Punctual means...
  • An aptitude is:
  • If you are sick and scheduled to work you should
  • When filling out a job application you should
  • Your job application should be
  • On your first day of work you should
  • When you are looking for a job your voice mail message should say:
  • Should you research a company prior to the interview?