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Computer Related Health Disorders

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Learn how to identify 10 computer related health disorders.

Created Date 10.20.16
Last Updated 10.20.16
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Topics of this game:
  • My hand rests on my computer mouse a lot, it can get warm and damp causing itchy blisters and cracked skin on my palms or fingers. This may be ____________.
  • Constantly focusing on the screen without blinking can cause _________?
  • Studies have shown that the prolonged use of computers is a major contributing factor to a sedentary lifestyle and _______.
  • A degenerative eye problem which can result in severely reduced eyesight (Myopia), blurred vision, overall eye tiredness and even Glaucoma.
  • Prolonged computer use can affect eye power. This can result in __________.
  • A stress-related injury caused by the repetitive movement of joints, especially the wrist.
  • A rosacea-like dermatitis in people exposed to visual display terminals that has been reported since the late 1970s.
  • The Inability to stop activities on the computer. Feeling depressed and irritable when not on the computer. Similar to pathological gambling.
  • A common ailment due to sitting at a computer for long periods of time with bad posture is ________________?
  • Any repetitive movement over and over again can result in _______________.