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Medical Terms of Female Reproductive System

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Medical terms of the female reproductive system

Created Date 11.30.16
Last Updated 12.01.16
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Topics of this game:
  • Which description best fits "retroversion"?
  • Which is the most accurate meaning for involution of the uterus?
  • What is "cephalic version"?
  • What is a hysterosalpingography?
  • What does D&C refer to?
  • Which term refers to a visual examination of the uterus?
  • Which term refers to visual examination of the vagina?
  • Incision into the perineum to widen the opening (orifice0 for childbirth:
  • A woman who has no menstrual periods has this condition:
  • Which procedure would be a repair of an episiotomy?
  • The combining form "episi/o" means:
  • The combining form "galact/o" means
  • The combining form for ovary is:
  • Which is the correct combining form for the vulva?
  • Which choice includes combining forms that all refer to the uterus?
  • Which suffixes mean pregnancy?
  • The suffix "-arche" means
  • Which suffix means "to bear or bring forth; give birth"
  • The suffix "-salpinx" means
  • The suffix "-tocia" means