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Digestive System NCLEX TOPIC

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Study alone or compete with your classmates to determine who knows more about our body's sh*ttiest system and prepare yourself for the NCLEX! May the best nurse win, and remember....always listen to your GUT!

Created Date 06.10.21
Last Updated 06.14.21
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Topics of this game:
  • Which of the following is an accessory organ in the digestive system?
  • Infants have reduced secretion of enzymes from the liver and pancreas. What occurs as a result?
  • How do triglycerides enter the blood stream?
  • True or False: Mechanical digestion is the first phase of digestion.
  • What is the main purpose of rugae (folds of mucosa and submucosa in the stomach)?
  • Where in the digestive tract are most nutrients absorbed?
  • True or False: The large intestine is where most of the fat our body consumes is digested.
  • What disorder common among older people is caused by decreased stomach motility, less gastric secretion, and slower gastric emptying time?
  • Which nursing diagnosis is most appropriate for a client experiencing cholecystitis?
  • What enzyme is secreted by the gastric mucosa?
  • Prior to a barium swallow, what action would be appropriate by the client?
  • How would you respond to a patient who complains that their stomach is bloated after a laparoscopy.
  • What should you do to ensure your patient did not retain any barium after a barium swallow?
  • True or false: Reviewing oral hygiene is part of an assessment of the GI system?
  • Hypoactive bowel sounds are heard
  • Which finding upon assessment would pose the need for further investigation?
  • Gastrin causes
  • You assess the abdomen in which sequence?
  • Taking Iron supplements can turn stool
  • During a colonoscopy the client had to have a polyp removed. What should you include as discharge instructions?
  • A client in the ER has reported frequent vomiting. This would put the client at risk for
  • A client is at risk for ____ when a portion of the small intestine is removed
  • Diverticulosis is
  • Irritable bowel syndrome is most commonly characterized by
  • What is a common assessment finding when a colostomy is performed earlier that day?
  • Common uses of antacids include which of the following?
  • True or False: The medulla of the brain has an area called the "vomiting center"
  • Used to irrigate and empty the stomach rapidly after ingesting a poison.
  • Overstretching the stomach, chemical irritants (alcohol or toxins), and pain or fear are all stimuli that result in
  • _____ is responsible for giving feces its brown color.