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Circulatory System: Blood

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General questions about the blood

Created Date 02.14.18
Last Updated 02.15.18
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Topics of this game:
  • This structure is involved in the clotting process & is the small component of blood made from megakaryocytes
  • Blood component that transports oxygen
  • A blood cell that is bi-concave that lives for only 120 days
  • A blood cell characterized as granular or agranular and fights infection
  • The blood components easily identified in a centrifuged blood sample
  • Thrombocytes that forms a small mass at the site of injury
  • Control of pH balance & body temperature are examples of this function
  • Blood clotting & fighting infections are examples of this function
  • The condition where a large number of leukocytes would be seen under a microscope
  • A diet adequate in iron is essential for this function
  • This condition may occur in a Rh- mother and an Rh+ baby.
  • This disorder is indicated by bleeding and a lack of a clotting factor
  • This disorder can cause death when it travels through the blood vessel
  • A cancer of the plasma cells in the bone marrow that forms tumors that can damage the bone
  • A bacterial infections that has a 50% mortality rate usually caused by staph
  • A person with AB- blood can donate blood to this type of recipient
  • This blood type has no antigens on its RBC
  • This blood type produces no antibodies
  • This blood type is the universal donor
  • If the mother is BB and the child is BO, what blood type could the father be?