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Medical Terminology: Trivia

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This game will help you review the elements from lesson 8

Created Date 04.10.18
Last Updated 04.11.18
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Topics of this game:
  • These elements, "pneum and pulmo" correspond to what anatomy?
  • This is the smallest cavity of the respiratory system, CO2 is exchanged with capillaries.
  • Saliva is the first step in the digestive process, starting the break down of starches. What is the element for saliva?
  • Typically we have 10 of each toes and fingers. The element is:
  • This is a type of white blood cell. We learned in the video that lymphocytes and ____________ are important in fighting disease. This cell type engulfs the antigen in the process.
  • If we want to change our weight with a reduction, we would need to eat less food or increase what_____________ ism?
  • A sedative contains the element meaning to quiet or calm and also the terminal ending "ive" which means:
  • The ovar is produced in the:
  • The trachea bifurcates into the right and left bronchi, what element in the word bifurcate means, "fork like"
  • When we eat food with salt in it, we may experience dactyledema. Which element means fingers and toes
  • When we eat food with salt in it, we may experience dactyledema. Which element means swelling?
  • In the Wizard of OZ the theme song is "Somewhere over the Rainbow", what is the element for rainbow?
  • The element phren like Ment and psych, refers to the Mind. what else does it refer to in this word? COSTOPHRENIC
  • Dactyloscopy is the _____________ of ___________ prints for the purpose of identification.
  • Which element means pregnant?
  • Gift wrap is a covering of presents and packages. What is the word for wrapping or covering of anatomical organs?
  • Isodactylism contains two elements and one terminal ending. What does the word mean?
  • Hyperglycemia is defined as an abnormally increased content of sugar in the blood. what element defines sugar?
  • Radiculoectomy is defined as:
  • To test your reading of the work book, plaque and plak can be used interchangibly.
  • Which medical term means pertaining to the lung or pneumonia?
  • Radiolology is:
  • testing your reading of the workbook. Pnea indicates a relationship to air or breathing
  • Hypopnea is defined as a slowness of breathing
  • Ptyal is defined as saliva or spit. Hemoptysis would then be: