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Surgical Table Review

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A review of the most common Steris surgical tables

Created Date 09.18.18
Last Updated 09.24.18
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Topics of this game:
  • number of hydraulic cylinders on the 5085SRT table
  • Hydraulic oil used in the tables
  • number of floor locks on the 3085 table
  • power of the electrical system
  • slide-rotate-transport
  • weight limit of the 5085 table in normal patient orientation, level
  • used on the 4085/C-max/5085 tables to train the position of the sensors
  • number of floor locks on the 4085/C-max?5085 tables
  • only table that doesn't use a hydraulic system
  • setting on the SG6000 hand control that levels the top with a patient on it
  • used in conjunction with the back up controls to manipulate the table in case of power loss/emergency
  • Three of these are used on the 3085 table to determine when the table is level
  • number of hydraulic cylinders on the 4085/C-Max table
  • number of hydraulic cylinders on the 3085 table
  • used on 4085/C-Max/5085 tables to lock the table securely on uneven floors
  • Distance from floor the casters should be when the 3085 table floor locks are extended
  • weight limit of the 3085 table
  • approximate pressure of the pump used on the hydraulic systems
  • component used to allow safe movement of hydraulic lines and electrical wiring
  • used to prevent unwanted articulations of the table in the event of hydraulic pressure loss
  • standard of compliance used to seal against water intrusion
  • safety feature on the 4085/C-Max/5085 tables to prevent the table from doing articulations that could harm it
  • maximum amount of lash allowed on the rack and pinion system of the sliding top
  • setting used on the 5085 table only
  • used on the SG6000 that allows easy movement of the sliding table top
  • software used to communicate with the 4085/C-Max/5085 main controller
  • average life span expectancy of the batteries
  • found on the 3085 table only and needs to be tested during table preventive maintenance
  • indicates an operational situation. When wrench icon is ON, the auto-diag system has detected a situation
  • Tube of grease for casters, sliding top rack/pinion, and sliding hypoid gear.