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Vulnerable Populations & Chronic Disease

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Who are in vulnerable populations and what are they at risk for?

Created Date 02.05.16
Last Updated 02.05.16
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Topics of this game:
  • Patients with high cholesterol may need education for this common medication
  • group of people who are commonly in vulnerable populations who are new to the country
  • Vulnerable populations commonly don't complete or only complete this level of education
  • To aid in this, nurses may suggest a support group or a nicotine patch
  • This mental diagnosis will put someone at higher risk to fall into a vulnerable population
  • A poor diet may result in developing this disease
  • CDC website and initiative aimed towards women 45-64 who are of lower economic status and underinsured
  • "Brain attack" vulnerable populations are at higher risk to develop
  • This group of people live on the street or in shelters and are always considered a vulnerable population
  • Mental disability that commonly affects vulnerable populations
  • A diet high in sodium may lead to this condition