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“Cardinal Sins” of Beverage Service

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What NOT to do when serving Beverages...

Created Date 10.01.20
Last Updated 10.02.20
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Topics of this game:
  • Chipped glassware
  • Improper glassware
  • No fresh glass
  • Dropping
  • napkin askew
  • elbow in the guest’s fac
  • Inconsistent
  • speed of the room
  • Spilling
  • stirrer or straw
  • serving wine promptly
  • Awkward,
  • wrong drink
  • stained container
  • slimy fruit garnish
  • Dribbling wine
  • rim of the glass
  • Resting the wine bottle
  • Improperly chilled
  • Popping wine cor
  • not promptly refilled
  • Coffee in the sauce
  • Not refilling
  • Lukewarm coffee
  • Not warning about hot
  • Leaving cans or cartons
  • Over filling glasses
  • No Ice in iced tea.
  • Overly strong or weak
  • Not offering fresh lemon
  • Not knowing what brands
  • guests’ likes and dislik
  • touch the bowl or rim
  • Men before women
  • visually checking on
  • Vanishing
  • service table post chk
  • Incomplete orders