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Sales I - 2.01 The Nature of Selling

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Explain the nature and scope of the selling function

Created Date 04.12.23
Last Updated 04.12.23
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Topics of this game:
  • Selling is ________ communication - it means you’ve spent some time learning about your product and figuring out what makes your clients tick.
  • Which of the following is an example of a product being sold directly to the user for ultimate consumption:
  • Who Sells - _____________ sell goods to wholesalers and retailers.
  • _____________ products are productive activities that we pay someone else to perform. They are services provided to customers, such as dry cleaning, lawn care, or health care.
  • Two retail stores are striving to offer products for the lowest prices. What role of selling in our economy does this illustrate?
  • Businesses buy resources (natural, human, and capital goods) to be used in the production of goods and services. Then, they sell the goods and services to the market that wants them. That market could include manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers. What role of selling in our economy does this illustrate?
  • Some goods and services are sold indirectly to the consumer or user through the use of _____________ , such as wholesalers and retailers.