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French Wine

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You'll check your knowledge of French wines.

Created Date 10.30.14
Last Updated 01.15.15
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Topics of this game:
  • France is one of the ___________ wine-producing countries in Europe.
  • Alsace maintains some _______________ acres of grapevines.
  • Alsace is France's largest producer of ______________ _______________.
  • Chaptalization is the addition of _________________ to grape _____________.
  • The regions of France are divided into ______ broad areas on the basis of grape ________
  • There are _________ significant wine regions in France.
  • _____ _____ requires strict grape-growing and wine-making methods.
  • List the Grand Cru grapes:
  • Bordeaux is known for its long-lived ______ and ______ wines.
  • The Provence region produces about half of the ____________ wine made in France.
  • In _____, wines go by the name of the place they come from.
  • Which of three are French wine-growing regions?
  • Loire Valley is best known for what type of wine?
  • The Languedoc-Roussillon regions is best know for what types of wine?
  • Name the three zones in the Left Bank region.
  • List the three appellations in the Bordeaux region.
  • The most famous red wine appellation from the southern sections is:
  • What is a geographic designation of the place where wines grapes are grown?
  • The Appellation d' Origine guarantees:
  • Biodynamics refers to:
  • ____ is one of the world's most famous wine growing regions, located in _____ France.
  • Beaujolais wines are best described as:
  • Beujolais wines are made with the _____ grape.
  • The classic wines of the Northern Rhone reds are based on the ______ grape.
  • Another term for carbonic maceration is "_____ _____ ____."
  • The ____ ____ wines of the Southern Rhone tend to be blends of grapes dominated by _____
  • Of the 6, choose one of the most significant growing areas in Bordeaux.
  • Bordeaux wines are _________ and ________.
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How many kinds of French wine are there?

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How are proteins made

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What part of a plant in under the soil?