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ServSafe Chapter 3 The Safe Food Handler

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Created Date 05.27.20
Last Updated 05.28.20
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Topics of this game:
  • After which activity must food handlers wash their hands?
  • When washing hands, what is the minimum time you should scrub with soap?
  • What should food handlers do after prepping food & before using the restroom?
  • A food handler will be wearing single-use gloves to assemble box lunches. When must the food handler’s hands be washed?
  • A food handler has diarrhea & has been diagnosed with an illness from Shigella. What should the manager tell this food handler to do?
  • A food handler prepares meals for a child day-care center. What symptoms require this food handler to stay home from work?
  • As an employee, when is it acceptable to eat in an operation?
  • People who carry pathogens & infect others w/o getting sick themselves are called:
  • Which practice is the most important part of personal hygiene?
  • How long should the whole hand washing process take?
  • True or false: hand antiseptics (sanitizers) may be used instead of hand washing.
  • When is it acceptable for a food handler to wear false fingernails or nail polish?
  • Which is not true about using single-use gloves to prevent contamination?
  • After what time of continuous use, should single-use gloves be changed?
  • True or false: Wash your hands and handle ready-to-eat foods carefully.
  • Which type of jewelry is acceptable to wear when working with food?
  • If an employee has any of the following symptoms, they may need to be restricted or excluded from working with food. These symptoms include: infected wound, jaundice, sore throat w/fever, vomiting, and _____________.
  • Which term means to keep employee away from work, not in the building at all?
  • Which term means an employee can come to work but not work directly with exposed food, utensils & equipment?
  • Bill, a line cook in a restaurant, has a sore throat with a fever. Should he be restricted at work, or excluded from work?