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ServSafe Chapter 5 Review

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The Flow of Food: Purchasing, Receiving, & Storage

Created Date 05.27.20
Last Updated 05.28.20
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Topics of this game:
  • Tools that need to be accessible to employees when they receive and inspect food are: purchase orders, scales, and ________
  • When inspecting food deliveries, check for:
  • Deliveries that are made after-hours is called:
  • Food items that have been recalled must be: removed from inventory, refer to recall notice, label the item, and …
  • When checking the temperature of either hot or cold food, like chicken, insert the thermometer:
  • How to you check the temperature of Reduced Oxygen Packaging (ROP)/vacuum packed food that has been delivered?
  • How do you take the temperature of milk products that have been delivered?
  • At what temperature should cold TCS foods be received?
  • At what temperature should live & shucked shellfish foods be received, then cooled to 41°F or lower in 4 hours?
  • At what temperature should milk be received?
  • Shell eggs should be received at an air temperature of:
  • Hot TCS food should be received at ______ or higher.
  • This date on packaging is the recommended last date for the product to be at peak quality.
  • The date that tells how long the store can display the product for sale.
  • A ___________ is the date by which the product should be eaten for best flavor & quality.
  • Shellfish have shelf tags on their original container. Once the last shellfish has been used write the date on the shelf tag and the shelf tag has to be saved. How long does the shelf tag need to be saved?
  • Ready-to-eat food must be marked if held longer than 24 hours. It can only be stored for _____ days.
  • A thermometer in a refrigerator or freezer must be placed in the warmest part of the unit, and must be accurate to:
  • True or false: To keep refrigerators cleaner, line the shelves with foil or sheet pans.
  • An acronym for a food rotation system is:
  • Which of the following items should be stored on the bottom shelf of a refrigerator?
  • What is the most important factor in choosing a food supplier?
  • What causes large ice crystals to form on frozen food & its’ packaging?
  • When must you discard tuna salad that was prepped on July 19?
  • What is the problem with storing raw ground turkey above raw ground pork?
  • How many inches from the floor should food be stored?