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Esthetics Chapter 11 - Diseases and Disorders

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Skin diseases and disorders review of terms from Milady's Chapter 11.

Created Date 03.14.20
Last Updated 03.16.20
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Topics of this game:
  • Chronic inflammation of the sebaceous glands: blemishes and comedones
  • Pink or flesh colored lesions; pre-cancerous
  • Lack of perspiration
  • Most common form of skin cancer; least severe
  • Foul smelling perspiration; feel/underarms
  • Hard sebum impacted in the hair follicle; blackhead
  • Very contagious infection of the mucus membrane around the eye; Pinkeye
  • Inflammatory condition of the skin; atopic, contact and seborrheic
  • Physician that specializes in skin, hair and nail disorders/diseases
  • Inflammation, acute or chronic; dry with moist leasions
  • Abrasion created from scratching or scraping
  • Crack in the skin that penetrates the dermis
  • Recurring, contagious viral infection; fever blister/cold sore
  • Excessive perspiration
  • Abnormal overgrowth of skin
  • A thick scar resulting from excessive fibrous tissue
  • Callus; causes by continued pressure and friction
  • Most serious form of skin cancer; can spread to other areas of the body
  • Epidermal cysts; pearl like masses of sebum and dead cells under the skin
  • Pigmented nevus; raised or flat; can be tan to bluish black
  • Abnormal pigmentation; noticeable at birth
  • Elevated pimple with NO fluid or pus
  • Acne-like condition around the mouth; possibly caused by toothpaste
  • Red patches covered by silver white scales
  • Raised, inflamed papule; contains white or yellow fluid
  • Open comedones; located on the nose
  • Overgrowth of sebaceous glads; often doughnut shaped
  • Extreme oiliness of the skin; over active sebaceous glands
  • Small benign extensions of the skin; small flaps of skin caused by friction
  • Sebaceous cyst; AKA Wen; size ranges from pea to an orange
  • Contagious infection that forms a ring; AKA Ringworm
  • Dilated and twisted veins; common in legs
  • Caused by a virus; AKA wart
  • Small blisters with clear fluid; result of touching poison ivy or poison oak
  • Pigmentation disease characterized by white patches; lack of pigment
  • Itchy swollen lesion; examples - hives or mosquito bites